Nothing compares to stunning landscape design or the timeless beauty of a natural stone patio, custom outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or bar.

Patios of bluestone, travertine, or granite that look as though they have always been there add a classic charm to any project.


Stone masonry is the most durable, strong and weather resistant, thanks to the natural durability of the material. Stone is recommended for buildings with high foot traffic, since it does not bend or dent.

Buildings are subjected to all types of weather throughout the year. This is therefore an important aspect to consider. Stone masonry has the capacity to resist any effect that could be caused by the elements of weather for example rain, hail, and snow just to name a few. In the case of rain, stone does not absorb water hence, there will be no future problems brought forth by dampness.

Landscape Design

When working with DeShayes you work directly with the owner of the company and have access to him 24/7. All of our projects start with a schedule accompanied by weekly updates via e-mail. This ensures complete and open communications with our clients to reduce the impact of our projects on their daily activities.

Give your backyard the DeShayes feeling with our fully customizable landscape design options. We work directly with the customer and help them choose the backyard setup of their dreams.

Even after the design process is complete, you’ll need to perform maintenance to keep it up to standard. We not only do the install but will provide instructions on how to keep your landscape looking vibrant and healthy.

Let our old world masonry provide you with a taste of this eternal charm and beauty that will last for generations.

Overhead view of stone patio and fie pit installation
Beautiful poolside patio with jacuzzi and outdoor cooking area
Beautiful poolside patio with jacuzzi and outdoor cooking area

Experience the beauty and functionality of a DeShayes Residential Resort Design custom masonry stone or landscape design project for your home or business.